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Making a move during a pandemic

July 29, 2020

Many seniors and their loving families have had reservations about making a transition into retirement living more than ever, now that we are faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to remember however, that the staff who work in retirement homes are dedicated to keeping their residents safe, healthy, and secure. It is our mission to provide the best quality of life and services to our senior adults. Seniors in a retirement home have many advantages over those who continue to live at home:

Socializing with Others

Without a doubt, the global pandemic has certainly heightened social isolation, which is one of the main challenges that senior adults are already faced with. Families certainly try their best to do their part by calling to check in but a 5 or 10 minute conversation is well below what most seniors need to maintain overall good brain health. Moving into a retirement community encourages socializing with others who are also within the same age group. Seniors in retirement have the opportunity to call their peers or meet with them easily. Staff are also part of their social circle who are always happy to serve service with a smile.

At LaSalle, our residents enjoy daily connections and fulfilling interactions with those around them. They have full access to protected locations within and outside the building. For example, our lovely gazebo and garden which allows friends to meet regularly while maintaining the distance needed to stay safe. Currently, our amazing residents are enjoying their favourite recreational pursuits and staying optimistic in such an unprecedented time.

Minimizing Risks/Injury and Cleanliness

Seniors who are still residing at home, may face more limitations as their home may not be fully accessible. Stairs to get to the laundry or other areas of the home such as the bathroom can be an obstacle with a high risk of injury. Alternatively, seniors living in a rental apartment or condominium where cleanliness is not monitored or reinforced by a dedicated team.

At LaSalle Park, our wonderful housekeeping department have increased their daily tasks and duties from their usual routine to ensure we are safe to navigate in the community with little to no reservation that it is safe to do so.

Elevators are limited to two individuals at a time and is monitored by staff. There are multiple sanitizing stations set up throughout the building to encourage good hand hygiene and implemented a dedicated screener in our main lobby to ensure residents are sanitizing before and after entry to the building. There are also measures surrounding visits to ensure we are minimizing any potential risks.

Seniors residing in a retirement community such as LaSalle have the advantage of reduced exposure to risk as they have all they need within the building. Meals, Nursing, Socializing, with access to: Hair Salon, Walk-in Clinic, Physio therapy, Pharmacy, Dentist and Audiologist.

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