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Our Winnie is famous

May 21, 2019

Recently the Burligton Post came in to do a story about our lovely LaSalle pup Winnie.

Click here for the article or read the full story below:

​High-fiving dog definitely man’s best friend at Burlington retirement home

CommunityMay 15, 2019by Julie Slack Burlington Post

Winnie knows that it’s OK to jump up on Elsie, she knows she can jump up to high-five Edith and give her a kiss, and she knows exactly who’s coming around every corner at LaSalle Park Retirement Community.

This tail-wagger brings out the best in everyone who crosses paths with her.

Owned by business manager Stephanie Spring, Winnie is a one-year-old golden doodle.

Typically, she accompanies Spring to her workplace twice each week. She’s been doing it since she was a two-month-old pup, so it’s natural for her to be showered with love by everyone who meets her.

And it’s not just the residents who enjoy spending time with Winnie; staff seeks her out for cuddles as well.

“She’s really good for stress relief for the staff,” Spring said.

The power of puppy love is amazing — and it even helps ease the dementia symptoms of one senior resident who doesn’t speak unless the dog is in the room.

Some of the residents even take Winnie for walks. She participates in activities, or she will spend time in their units; she even smiles for certain residents.

“She’s an unofficial therapy dog,” Spring said, noting that Winnie never had anything beyond obedience basics at PetSmart. “She’s just naturally friendly and well-behaved. Her personality and demeanour are just incredible. I’ve never seen a dog like her.”

Winnie has an even more important job coming up in September. Spring is getting married and Winnie, her best friend, is stepping up to walk down the aisle as one of her bridesmaids.

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