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LaSalle’s Victory Garden

June 17, 2020

Our Culinary Garden is now producing upwards of 67 edible flowers, herbs, and fruits with more to come as the summer progresses. We are also currently composting with our two new composters.

The inspiration behind our garden came from the historic idea of Victory Gardens. These gardens originated during World War 1 and became a popular idea in Canada in 1917, continuing throughout World War 2.

Victory Gardens were planted by the community containing fruits, vegetables and herbs that were grown and managed by the general public during war times. These gardens were a large morale booster as the families in the home front could grow fresh, nutritious produce to supplement the scarce and fairly bland rations that were provided to them.  This was a very empowering and rewarding effort as they were able to reduce the pressure that was put on the public supplies of food which ultimately aided the war effort.

Our Executive Chef Spencer is very passionate about this topic because many of our residents were exposed to war time and may have been aided by these historic gardens. Spencer enjoys studying war history and is currently a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces as a cook by trade.

This garden is meant to supplement and boost our morale as well. It produces enough herbs to use daily in the kitchen and many of these fresh herbs are the fresh flavours our residents are tasting in the soups, stews, marinades and sauces that we create in house.

Spencer hopes this garden evokes cherished memories of family, friendship and community, serving as a reminder of our ability to come together during times of challenge, ultimately creating and seeing beauty through camaraderie.


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