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Tips to Stay Healthy during Flu Season

October 8, 2022

Here are some helpful tips from our Nursing team to keep you safe during Flu Season:

  1. Wash your Hands: It’s easy to forget when we’re busy running errands. If you can’t use soap and water, try to carry a small sanitizer on you.
  2. Elbows on Elevators: Try not to touch areas where many people have had direct contact with. A tip to remember when riding in an elevator cart is to use your elbow instead of your finger.
  3. Limit direct contact: Try to keep a good distance away from the public when you’re out shopping. You’d be surprised how quickly you can pick up germs or a virus by simply being too close.
  4. Mask for Protection: Even if a mask isn’t mandatory in local shops and restaurants, wearing a mask has been proven to prevent illness. If you’re using a cloth mask, be sure to wash it often.
  5. Wash your clothes, towels, and bedding:  If you are used to wearing the same sweater or articles of clothing more than once, throw it in the hamper instead! You’d be surprised how many germs linger on fabrics.
  6. Boost your Immune System: Multi-vitamins, including Vitamin C. In some medical studies, Vitamin C has shortened the duration of colds.
  7. Get fresh air: Try to go for a short walk, even when the temperature has dropped. Getting fresh air is important to clear the lungs and nasal passage. If you don’t feel safe to go for a walk when it is cold, invest in a purifier for your home. Some purifiers are able to remove allergens and neutralize viruses.
  8. Toss the handkerchiefs: Handkerchiefs were great back then, but now they are culprits for viruses. Try not to use a handkerchief and use Kleenexes that you are able to dispose of safely after each use.
  9. Get the Flu shot: Arrange a visit to your local pharmacy and get the Flu shot. Protect yourself and those around you.
  10. Stay home if you’re sick: If you aren’t feeling your best, stay home.




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