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Tour of HMCS Harry DeWolf

November 17, 2023
Thank you to our Executive Chef, Spencer Gibbons, who is also a Master Corporal with the Army (31 Service Battalion), for arranging a special treat for our residents. Spencer accompanied our residents on a tour of HMCS Harry DeWolf which is currently docked in Hamilton.
The HMCS Harry DeWolf is named after Vice Admiral Harry DeWolf who was the commander of the HMCS Haida. It is incredible to have both ships docked in the same location. Spencer was able to get a photo of our residents with Commander Guillaume Côté; who is the Captain, and Commanding Officer of the ship (HMCS Harry DeWolf).
He was pleased to meet our residents, and also exchanged some stories of his personal experiences, alongside our veteran, Jack. A very interesting fact is Jack used to be aboard a tug that pulled Tribal Class Destroyers – which is the exact same class of ship as the HMCS Haida – in which he is overlooking from the bridge of the HMCS Harry DeWolf.
While under Harry DeWolf’s command, between July 1943 – September 1944, the HMCS Haida sank 14 enemy ships – earning its formidable reputation. The HMCS Haida is regarded as “Canada’s Most Fightingest Ship”, having served in both the Second World War, Korean Conflict and the Cold War from 1943-1963.

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